The Openfolio Investor Average

The Openfolio Investor Average combines data from 100,000 investors to show how everyday investors are really doing.

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Find out why the average investor and the S&P 500 are performing so differently.

Why Does This Data Matter?

We believe transparency and openness have been missing from the world of personal investing for way too long. Our Investor Average, and the data behind it, are the first step towards making investing more transparent, more collaborative, and more meaningful for everyday investors.

  • Investors should compare themselves to other investors.

    Market indexes (like the S&P 500) are comprised entirely of company stocks. They are great tools for evaluating a company's stock performance but fall short in evaluating an entire portfolio. Our Investor Average is a more relevant, more meaningful barometer for evaluating investor performance.

  • Better data means better investing.

    Our Investor Average is the first social benchmark built exclusively with real data from real investors. This data highlights what users are doing right and wrong and, more importantly, pushes our users to start making smarter investment decisions.