We want to make personal investing
simpler, more relevant, and more
for the everyday investor.

  • What's best for your bottom line (not ours)

    The financial world is changing for the better. The industry is rejecting the opaque, profit-driven system of hidden fees and commission-seeking brokers. We enthusiastically support the recent Department of Labor (DOL) Conflict of Interest rule and it's efforts to end conflicts of interest. Our app is built on a foundation of transparency that never existed before, and our community is built to always put our user's interests first. We believe that by leveraging the knowledge of our thousands of users, we really can all invest better.

  • Social benchmarks (not just market indexes)

    Up until now stock-only benchmarks, like the S&P 500, have been the only barometers available for investors to measure investment performance. We don’t think that makes sense. We believe the best index for investors is other investors. Using data anonymously extracted from thousands of real portfolios, we created the first-ever social benchmark, the Openfolio Investor Average, to give investors a more accurate, more relevant way to understand their investments.

  • Focus on insights (not just trading)

    Almost every other investment tool on the market is geared towards trading and tracking stocks. We're different. We built Openfolio to help you understand your investments holistically. Whenever you need advice or want to check an investment, we want you to be armed with the information you need, without the confusing jargon.

  • Unbiased data and advice (not an agenda)

    Data has no conflict-of-interest. Data doesn’t lie and won’t mislead you to earn kick-backs or commissions. Data doesn’t hide fees or costs. Data exposes these things. Our only agenda is to provide our users with unbiased information about their investments – using real, trustworthy, data. We have built a community of thousands that believe in the power of data and the transparency it can bring to personal investing.

Who We Are

We're a small team of Wall Street exiles and tech veterans united in our belief
that transparency, data, and technology can help everyone invest better.

  • Hart Lambur

    CEO & Founder

  • Max Lane

    Business Development

  • Josh Owen

    Software Engineer

  • Andrew Loyola

    Software Engineer

  • Colin Corcoran

    Software Engineer

  • Steph Tan