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Just link your accounts, then track your finances and net worth. It’s that simple.

Insights From All Parts Of Your Financial Life

Understand changes in the big picture and activity in specific accounts.

A Complete View Of Your Finances

Link all your accounts for a holistic view of your financial affairs.

Unique Investment Comparisons

Compare your portfolio against your peers and relevant market benchmarks.

Actionable Portfolio Tips

Score your portfolio against best practices, and learn where you could do better.

Helpful Updates & Tips

Timely updates and helpful tips, to help you understand your progress.

The Power Behind Your Financial Tracker

Supporting hundreds of banks, brokerages, and credit cards, and comparing you against
data from >100k users, we're your comprehensive, always-on financial tracker.

  • See Where You Stand

    Understand your situation with data-driven insights.

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    Access our financial database with a simple chat.

  • Connect Your Accounts

    Use your existing accounts, including Robinhood.